Reviews for "8-BytchFyveIsABytch"

Yeah, not random enough

But ok for a first movie I guess. You didn't really draw anything, but at least you animated it ok.

TheArtisan responds:

thx for the review, my next project will be of my own creation, dont worry

What the hell is this shit?


TheArtisan responds:

kind of like your shitty website, but better

My, my...

I know Misteroo. I've worked with Misteroo. You sir, are no Misteroo.

TheArtisan responds:

was there a disclaimer somewhere on this page that said i was misteroo? i didnt think so, so please, stop talking, youre just making a fool out of yourself now, thx for the reivew


The point of 8-BitchFyve wasn't that sprite movies are bad, it's that the unoriginality, blatant stealing, and lack of effort that often coincides with the use of sprites is bad, which makes the fact that you made a 8-BitchFyve movie with (extremely good) recreations of the movie's graphics rather ironic. This is a good effort, but whether you meant it or not this movie's exactly what 8-BitchFyve stood against. You obviously have the talent, if you make something with your own humor and characters it could do very well; heck, even this thing had a 4.04 when I voted on it.

Better luck next time, man.

TheArtisan responds:

i understand, thx for the review

Make your own ideas, fucking moron.

God damn. Not only did you steal DIRECTLY from Misteroo, but you managed to do exactly what he was SPEAKING OUT AGAINST and ripoff of 8-bit Theater. Not to mention I was bored out of my mind 5 seconds into this.

This makes you look WORSE than people that just ripoff of 8-bit. Get your own goddamn ideas.

TheArtisan responds:

get a life, ajob, a girlfriend, a family who loves you, some friends, a haircut, a brain, and basically anything else you dont have, so just go away now, its okay, dont needa cry, jus go, ur making a fool out of yourself in front of both of us, thx for the review