Reviews for "GunChest"

Too short.

Make it a bit longer and have the moves actually work and it would turn out to be a pretty decent game.

GunChest responds:

Long ani coming up in March. Remind yourself to visit us soon to find out some secrets of GunChest and his pals (be it friend or enemy).

pretty good

it was good, but broken it froze up on an explosion sequence. Perhaps i watched it while you were fixing something.

GunChest responds:

Thanks for visiting. The thing with Flash 3D is that it takes up a lot of megabites. That may slow down the movements.

That was good

I liked it. I coudn't really move much but it was good overall.

GunChest responds:

Thanks for playin' the game.

Just some minor adjustments

I really have to say that I was impressed with this one. I didn't expect the involved animation sequences within the movie - that threw me for a rather great experience. The gaming system can use some tweaking though - I found when stuck at my side of the corner, I can sime hold LEFT and press X repeadly and eventually...I'll win.... Otherwise, a fantastic piece.

GunChest responds:

Visit us again for the continuation of GunChest in Episode I.

What if SD Gundam was semi serious...

Blimey...loved the animation! Though the voice of Gunchest seemed to be drowned out by the Seagulls. Seemed like an interesting blend of Rockman (Megaman to the rest of North America) and the new CGI SD-Gundam Force. I must say turned out rather well. Game is a little qwirky though...but all in all it isn't too bad!