Reviews for "GunChest"

Unbelievable!(game is lacking)

Bra-fucking-vo!!I am so dam impressed with this flash I want to bear your children(disregard that I am male)You absolutely must make more of this.Its so smooth and lovely in the beggining.Serene as the gulls soar through the clouds.One alights on the heroes finger and he swears an oath to protect the city*choking up tears*PERFECT!Then the fight scene good lord what mastery of flash you lay before my unworthy eyes.I should gouge them out right now as I will never see such perfection again in this lifetime.How hard you must have worked.

The game...blah....I felt let down by this part.Nice suprise but theres no defense and the control(not the control setup)response really needs tweaked.The graphics went down a bit but I figure you did this for slower comps.

Flash movie was absolutely stellar.The game needs quite a bit of polishing.


the combat scenes were trey sweet... make more of that and youll have a hardcore fan.

Animation was good but game kinda easy

The animation was great but the intro was way to long. The fight scens were awesome really with some of the different styles you used. But the game was kind of easy I find using a back kick is like the cheapest way to win because it stuns the enemy and the punch attack usually blocked. You can make great battle scenes but try to work on games.


that was amazing, how did this not even get a 4th place? the animation was amazing the graphics were awsome, when the action started it was fast and intense and the game was awsome at the end there, make more for my sake, and i want to see more of that red robot one... she was teh hottest

Really nice!!!

I really enjoyed this and the game was fun. It has some of the best graphics I can't believe it like never caught on. The nice 3-D shading and beautiful texture show the real work put into this. The game was nicely made. But like someone from before said yes he does kind of look like Mega man but whos complaining Mega man rules ;). This was a wonderfully done piece of great work and I encourage to really make more, because I really want to see more.