Reviews for "GunChest"

if i could i would give the graphics a 10000000000

HOLY DOG SHIT,like wt!?f!?!?!?!, this is the best flash in the world(that iv seen), througout the entier thing i thought i was watching tv while thinking to myself "holy shit this is a good show, gee i wonder whats gonna happen on next weeks episode"

seriously, keep up the good work.

GunChest responds:

the realy movie will be on next month in March. The beginning of Episode one. Don't forget to visit us again because you'll be facing some real excitement and surprises! Later dude.


I haven't even seen it yet. Just knocking off a site link post.

Fucking dumbass.

Anyways, sorry, mate. =p Keep it in the ratings, promise.

No comment, just a warning.

Ignore the dumbfuck below me's link, it's more than likely a virus of some sort. Excuse my french, but I don't appreciate people like him trying to take advantage of people.

GunChest responds:

Mighty kind of you! Thanks for the warning, mon ami (my French). And merci beaucoup! Guardez le mond.

Not bad

I dug the movie, the game on the other hand was just too easy. you can do the back and z back kick the the whole battle and beat the shit out of the other guy.

GunChest responds:

Strong superheros make weak enemies! But, more power will go to Big Shoulder. Thanks for enjoying the movie. In March we'll lauch the first episode for the flash! Check it out.

great animation sub-par game

the animation is more then perect i love the mega-man influence and the artistry is great but the game can be improved upon. Perhaps with a super attack bar reminiscent to street fighter when your character takes enough damage the bar is filled and then you can press a button to do a devastating attack and maybe a block button would also help add to the strategy. hope this reveiw helps and i hope the final product comes out soon :)

GunChest responds:

Thanks bud for checking it out and giving a feedback. The final product is on its way. Game and the 3D ani to the first episode. March is the lauch. Check it out.