Reviews for "GunChest"

It's great to see where such a beloved series started. You didn't need to explain the title to me. That red robot is actually pretty good looking. Anyway, I like the music. I was confused by the "Game" part. I mean, this was a cartoon.

I guess the game part could have been better. Well, I got through it at least. The action was quite nice. I just love seeing these designs. We should get more stuff like this here.

Great :D

i prefer "x" + left arrow.

pretty awesome

emphasis on awesome


U can just hold <= and x, the x keeps attackinga utomaticly and when he attacks and u cant attack him it automaticly defend urself... sorry, great game and aniamtion and all, i amdire ur skill and proffecional Gunchest series, but make sure u cant beat the game by just holding 2 buttons down...

Breath taking.

Excellent 3D animation
Great Storyline
Awesome Graphics

Not enough Character Development
Game was kind of boring