Reviews for "GunChest"

how did this get such a low score?

the begining movie alone is probably the best flash i've ever seen, and the game rocks as well. top notch work.


this aint your avrage flash. this was amazing!!!! please! please make a sequel where you fight the other crimnal!!!!


Seriously. Their are few who can make good game/movies without copiying other's ideas and well this is one of them.

I really wanta see the episodes. Are they all gonna have fights in em to?

Nice work

Great animation and unique idea. I look forward to upcoming GunChest episodes.

Anyway, for those of u interested in the song, it comes from the game "Painkiller" and is called "City on Water fight"

GunChest responds:

Thank you Slayer of Kin,
Looks like you know a lot about music. Any other background music that you want to suggest? Peace!

Awesome beats and beat down

Man, what is that song, i love it!

GunChest responds:

"City on Water Fight" says Slayer_of_kin. Enjoy.