Reviews for "GunChest"


game is a little bad and some puttons are writed wrong.but good luck on it:)

GunChest responds:

Thanks for wishing me luck.


nice blend of a game and a movie i think if there where more flashes that combined movies and games then you'd be way more into the acual fights in the games then just jumping into a fight with a half assed story and i could feed the robots souls fuel my body as i killed them...they voices in my head tell me to eat people

GunChest responds:

Too much unnecssary killing but we have no choice. No one is willing to go through healthy communication nor will anyone give up their side of the bargan. Hence, fighting occurs. TT (crying eyes). But peace will prevail. To peace!

it was good

maybe just to good to be a online game it should beaccome more like a gba tittle. i really enjoyed it, good job at making it!

GunChest responds:

Thanks MasterKino,
The first Episode of GunChest will be ready in March. Come check it out and joint the adventure.

that was great!

wow i like the way you incorperated a game at the end and how you used all 3d in the movie. i have a question on how you did your audio. i've been looking forward to making 3d animation flash movies such like yours but dont know what to do about the audio aspect. if you have suggestions let me know. great movie dude. can't wait to see more from you

Great style

The fighting game part was just ok. I really liked the animation and story. Make more movies with this character.

GunChest responds:

Working on it buddy. Thanks for the visit.