Reviews for "GunChest"


this looks like something that should be on cartoon network. there should've been more to it. and most people dont know what "in medies res" means but that what this flash did. preety good though it just needs more depth

GunChest responds:

"in medies res".
Peace dude.



not much to say

wasnt that good

Hire this person!

This is one of the better vector animations I have ever seen. Brilliantly done, very manga-ish, and interactivity was awesome. I love the character and want to know more about the story.

Keep this up, PLEASE.

GunChest responds:

More story coming right up! Soon.

I know some korean you know

JOKA!! ;) don't take it personal though

GunChest responds:

When one learns a language, these things (things that can not be taken personally unless you want them to take it personally) are the first to ones to be acquired. But your spelling sounds more like "nephew/niece" than something that I should not take personally. Haha! Thanks for loggin in.