Reviews for "GunChest"


This was kewl!!! I watched it ten times in a row!!(That`s not very common to me!!!) Keep up doing good Flash like this, man!!
(Did I use too much the !-sing?)

GunChest responds:

Brother, you the man, my man! You have the eyes and the soul that understands what a good flash is. Flash!

The makings of a Good Game...

I loved this movie....and the interactivity at the end with the 'beat-em-up' style battle was a nice touch. What I did like during the movie section is the way during the Robot fight that the battle camera angels changed fequently showing different aspects of the fight, then with the 'motion time' and the techinical animation of the fight brought the whole movie together.

Check this movie out if you like anime/mech robots fighting with clean flash animation.

GunChest responds:

"beat-em-all-up" I say. All the bad guys. Unless they have hope of changing. Thanks for the visit!

Wow thats top quality material.

Nice job man i liked the movie and the gmae was easy but really fun even though it was only one level it was still worth playing couple of times. The graphics in the game were really good, You have some talent man Keep it up.

GunChest responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Episode one is in the process of being born. Check it out! Later.

If there is a god this game will have a sequel...

This is one of the best animated flash movies I have ever seen and the animator/animators should be on like 1st or 2nd place on the frontpage.

This animation would be worth the highest possible score even WITHOUT the game, but the fact that the game is there just proves how terrifyingly skilled the authors of this game are.

Everything about this game/movie is excellent and anyone who rates this less than a 4/5 should rethink their life.

GunChest responds:

You have become my friend today! Thanks a buncho buddy!

I'm not sure how to feel....

I mean, I hate Seagulls with a passion dude... and who in the hell talks to pigeons? Now if he was talking to Falcons, It would have been a different story.

Nevertheless, the action scenes were cool. Semi-well done... I think.

GunChest responds:

Seagulls were used to symbolize freedom. I like Falcons, too. Maybe I'll use them in a more battle like scenes. Thanks for the visit.