Reviews for "GunChest"

Very nice!

Me like... me like!
I was very satisfied with the beginning plot. It also gave off a megaman-like gaming sensation except the fighting part was way different. Beautiful graphics and animation. I did not understand that red robot though, maybe that's to be said much later? Anyways, it was a real treat!

GunChest responds:

The Red Robot has a story of her own. You know that already? It will be said much later. Thanks for your comments.

Pretty slick

Very cool

GunChest responds:


depends on which end you're lookin'.

if this is going more into a series than a game, then it's beautiful.

if this is going more into a game than a series, i would recommend making GunChest have more moves and whatnot. otherwise, this is solid.

GunChest responds:

Sang Min is my name
Movie animation is my game...


Really awesome animation, very smooth. I just really didn't like the game, but everything else was great!

GunChest responds:

Don't like game?
That's a shame...
You think it's awesome animation
You'll find it will be a sensation!
Thanks for visiting...

nice job

i really liked this cartoon, nice use of swift 3d if thats wat u used, next time tho try to use it on everything that u have, grafix would look even better,very nice job, mite want to develop the story a little better also, u should probably make this a series because it looks like a rbocop turn out with a spin, i like it, keep it up
-The Monk Mob

GunChest responds:

Thanks mjsandhe,
3D Flash Ani was used. Episode I is on its way in March. Check it out and get into the GunChest mode! Let justice prevail. Peace on earth.