Reviews for "GunChest"

Not bad.

That was pretty sweet. However, you need it to be more of an adventure game, more fights and interactivity. Otherwise I liked the graphics and it was pretty good.

GunChest responds:

Thanku your concerns...
We are making better ani and game...now.
please wate a little....


I'd give you 4/5 for the movie and 3/5 for the game...

GunChest responds:

thanks your score...

Should just stick to a movie

the fighting game was lacking, i mean really, the jump kick never connects. it was kind of lame. controls are not good.

the movie on the other hand is very good, i would like to see more plot, but the animation on that is top notch. i'm looking forward to more episodes

GunChest responds:

yes..that right!
This game is acking. but it is just our first flash game...now we are making better one...thank you!


awesome animation, kool song, sweet game, what else is left to be desired????

what's that song? it rocks! :D

GunChest responds:

Do you really think so? HO...HO..HO...

I love you.

Greatness. I love how you mixed the Vector and Flash. Some parts messed up, but this is pretty damn good!

Remindes me of stuff like Mega Man and lots of other things....not really a new style, but hey! That was pretty awesome!

GunChest responds:

yes...i love Mega Man too....
but...GunChest going to be changed...
maybe after..