Reviews for "GunChest"

Not bad

Not bad, but it reminds me WAY too much of Mega Man...

GunChest responds:

I agree with your word...Yes..Mega Man is great character...but..now...GunChest will cover it...he.he..he...thank you!

not bad...

You just have to do better next time...

GunChest responds:

Yes..I'll do that...

not bad

the opening animation was pretty good but the game was to short

GunChest responds:

better game will be appeared as soon as we can...


well i just have to say gun-chest looks like mega-man, but only like beefer....ahh well mega-man rocks anyways and its a good movie

err it was alrite

anyone notice the game could be easily won by holding left and tapping x, ye not too difficult really.