Reviews for "GunChest"


this reminds me of like ASTRO Boy from when I was a kid, but no humans.


its ok but there is no real story line and it's just a bit random.
..its still a good flash and i like the little mini game.


I was eatin when I opend this MOVIE! only to see instructions on how to bet some robot with my god damn key board ans sticky fingers! If I didn't enjoy it I owuld have had you send me a new keyboard! AND I AM IN JAMAICA so that ain't cheep! lucky for you I enjoyed the flic >.<

+9 for action

More action, less seagulls. Pretty sweet, Mr. Bang.

Real Smooth

Although the fighting portion was a little short, the design and layout of both the movie and game are fantastic. And the graphics are simply to say, some of the best I have ever seen.