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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"


Awsome! Think about this as a beat boxing! i can listen to this forever.

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot man:P I'd be glad if you did!


For some reason, i kept thinking, "wow, his mouth must be REALLY sore right now!"

Its very interesting what a few voice recordings and a bunch of filters can do.

Hellstick responds:

True that. The effect that sounds like a dolphin or something that can be heard in the verry end of the song (and various other places) was especially hard on me:P
As you can hear, though, I managed to pull it off:)
Thanks alot for hte review!


I had such a strong inclination to the same thing myself, due to the fact that I seem to think much more musically when its coming directly from me and you beat me to it! I gotta say, that you undoubtedly did a much better job than I would have. Very original and very well put together. Great job, :D.

Hellstick responds:

I can only recomand that you try. You dont neceserely have to succeed, but as long as you try you might learn a thing or two:) I know i did!
Thanks for the score and review!:D


Ladies and gentlemen. Behold: The advent of modern music technology.

Seriously, though. This is amazing. Not many people would have the patience to do something like this. You have very many kudos for this. I especially love the rolling-pop sound.

Hellstick responds:

Thanks, truly appriciate the compliment:D
Awesome score and review too!

i love it

its really good and its amazing that you only used your voice!

Hellstick responds:

Thank you!:)