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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"

Wowa Weewa

Awesome! Must have took a serious amount of time, perfectly put together!
Fantastic, love it. Some notes I would have done differently, but thats just my own choice. :P
Great job! :D

Hellstick responds:

I often listen to professional artists work and think that i'd have done some minor details different then what they did... Your reaction isnt abnormal in any way:)
Thank you for taking time to write me this review, not to mention giving me an awesome score;)

lol this is sweet stuff man

see title :P

Hellstick responds:

Why thank you:) The time used to create this track were well spent;)


i like dis alot very original and unique, must of took a while.

Hellstick responds:

It did take a while indeed;)
Glad you liked it:)


this is amazing....this should be in the fucking top 50 or w/e. I don't even listen to dance a whole lot, and this is just crazy. How much time did you put into this?

\m/ awesome man

Hellstick responds:

Then spread the word man! I'd greatly apriciate it:)
About your question. I don't really know... WAY too long I think... I guess it shows though since i can impress someone who doesnt like the genre:P

I can only dream of going on the top 50 though...
But thanks alot for the score and the cheering words!:D

I cant talk

Pretty cool idea and execution all around!

Hellstick responds:

I'd say i succeeded in this experiment as well:P
Thanks for the review!