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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"


to you. Thats a first. Never seen anything like this before. You pulled it off. Your cookies will arive in the mail in about 6-8 business weeks.

Btw look it up on wikipedia. Kudos is better then props :)

Hellstick responds:

Hooray, i will be looking forward to recieving the cookies thenXD
Thanks for the nice review:)


Very well done! Kinda reminds me of the way kirbopher does some of the songs he remix's... except this is an original and COMPLETELY AWESOME song! Well... everyone knows the difference between the two so I guess I'll close off with: GREAT JOB

Hellstick responds:

Can't say i ever heard of Kirbopher but i might as well go look it up:S
Thanks for the review:)


This is crazy i dont care who u r!!!

Hellstick responds:

Thanks for the compliment:P

That was great!!

That was really good!

Hellstick responds:

Thank you:)


I can't believe you made the whole thing with your voice, and that being said well done! Definitely the most unique thing I've heard on newgrounds!

Your experiment was a success! XD

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot:D