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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"


i bet if i told someone to listen to this they would have trouble telling it was all voice. the genre... AWESOME! this is a masterpiece. grats

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot:) They should be able to hear that some parts of the song (beat, bass etc) were made with my voice, but other parts are truly hard to recognize as a voice. Especially the synth I created for the 2nd melo. It does not sound like my voice at all:D

Thanks alot for the review, not to mention the score!


That was epic in its scale of coolness.


Hellstick responds:

Indeed it is! Guess all the hard work payed off:)

Loved it!

This is epic on so many levels. I change imagine that this took awhile to do with only your voice as an instrument. Full marks go to you for you have rightfully earned them!

Hellstick responds:

Thank you:) I'm glad I'm able to please your ears:P

Voice acting on a whole new level XD

I have seriously thought about including my own voice, imitating instuments into a song as well, but never as the single instrument used to create it!

This is made of pure epic! The thing that I find most clever about this is not just the fact that you have manipulated your voice in the program in such a way that it sounds good as instumentals, but also to make any phase distortion from the similarities in you voice, completely unoticeable. The is only one complaint however and that is due to the fact that bass is very limited. Other than that, this was completely awesome! XD

This is the most innovative thing I've heard in a long time. 5/5, 9/10!

P.S. Love the pop at 2:53, that was a brilliant touch =P

Hellstick responds:

Yeah, I know:P
It was hard to make a propper bass, but at least I tried. I could easily have tried harder though, but my music program was lagging like hell... You wouldn't understand how slow that damn program was unless you saw it:P That's why i wraped the song up, and uploaded it on ng before it turned me crazy!

Anyway, I'm glad you like it! Being inovative and original were one of my main goals with this song, so I'm glad to hear you think i succeeded in that matter:D


This is a pretty sweet tune considering it was made with your voice! It would be nice to hear more creative ideas like this, but I think the workload turns most people off.

But anyway, nice song!

Hellstick responds:

Yeah, pulling this shit off what a shit load of work-.-
Glad I was able to finish it though:P
Thanks for the review!