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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"

awesome concept

i dug the song and the idea is awesome.. there is one thing though
i think id like it better if all the sounds (specifically the synth noises) were less effected.. the over-effected-ness of these sounds sorta defeats the purpose you know?

Hellstick responds:

You know... I actually do agree with you:S
Although I have already started a new voice experiment that is even more "effected" then in this song i will definately take your review into concideration if i decide to make a third one:)


Even though, as you wrote, the awesome sound is rather the result of the effects, it sounds freaking incredible.

Hellstick responds:

Thanks man, compliment appriciated:)


Dude... this is... it's... AMAZING! I was not expecting something like this to be in the audio portal! All that with your voice? YOU. ARE. FUCKING. TALENTED!

How do you make all those sounds?!?!?! O_o

Hellstick responds:

Ha ha, thanks alot:D My goal from the verry beginning was to make something unique and different and i think we both can agree that i achieved that gold:)
As for the sounds... Well, it was rather tough to make some of the sounds, but mostly it was more a question of layers and effects put ON the sounds, rather then the sounds themselves:)


Wow. Congrats on the technological one man band. At first it was a complete "WTF Moment" for me, but it really started to grow on me.

"Wow" sums this up pretty well. Thank you for the submission.

Hellstick responds:

Heh, yeah, it's a rather special track compared to what other songs that can be found on NGXD
Im glad you liked it:)

way to make a track

damm this is good, i really liked what you did but to do it withh your voice was even better. i wouldnt be suprised if copy cats started poping up soon. this isnt the best track ever but how well its put together kicks it over the goal and well beyond.

Hellstick responds:

If people chose to put this song up somewhere else then NG i hope they at least have the decency to link back here:S
Glad you liked it!