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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"

waow that was unbelievible!

That was Really Sick! Good thing u did continue this song, cuz its unbelieveable. o yea u get another 10, but this time it comes with love ;D. im just kidding dont have a bloody baby. and i agree with Rebeliousness this is badass and it deserves more listens. Gj!!! :D

Hellstick responds:

Thanks man! Feel free to spread the word! Even though this song is old i still try to tell people about it myself, so if you would aid me in this noble quest i'd be verry happy:D
Also thanks alot for the awesome score! (and the love)


This deserves waaaayyy more listens! :O

Hellstick responds:

I agree, but i do not have the fame required to have alot of listeners:P


i give you madd props for only using your voice

Hellstick responds:

And I give you mad props for the awesome score! Thanks alot:D

Very nice man

Haha i cant believe you made all these noises with your mouth! Sounds very good! Very creative and stuff haha im glad i heard this. I hope you get into top 30 :D I raised your score to 4.39. Getting closer up there! Keep it up :D

Hellstick responds:

Thanks for giving me a little push in the right direction:) One day I hope to reach that damn spot on the weekly top 5 or even top 30. Weather it'll be with this song or not doesnt matter, as long as I'll be able to somehow spread the word about my music:P Thanks for the review not to mention the rating:)


Oh this is great! Ahahahahaa!!! AHHH!!! Great.
Thankyou for sharing this with the world.

Hellstick responds:

And thank you for listening;) I'm only glad people want to listen to it:)