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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"

All Morning

was looking for sweet song that would drive me nuts all Fing morning. found one that came close but this one takes the cake. It has been downloaded and added to my playlist. I need more songs like this, its like heroin.......im sooo cold.

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot man, im glad to hear that:D


yno wat be funny if u also sang in it but that would also be an overkill huh

Hellstick responds:

I'm a terrible singer - and making someone else sing would mean that i didnt make the song 100% with my own voice, so that would kinda ruin the idea of the song although i do admit it could've been neat:P
Thanks for the review!


If everything is made by your voice and only your voice then you are amazing. =D

Hellstick responds:

I guarantee you everything is made 100% with my voice, and nothing but my voice:P
Thanks a bounch for the review^^

Whoa! :O

HOLY SHIT, this is insane! :O Never heard anything similar to this, this beats every kind of beatbox-thing I've ever heard. Totally incredible.

DL, fav

Hellstick responds:

Although it's made with my voice i wouldnt really concider it as human beatboxing:P
-Although i really do appreciate the review^^


Holy Astronaut! This is am be are something made with vocals? Whoa. I like the *pop* noise added in there. It makes me feel like a frikkin' buff secret agent killing aliens for pesos from the government, with yoshi. It's so cool. Good job. :)

Hellstick responds:

O... Kay... I chose to take that as a complimentXD
Thanks alot:D