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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"

5/5, 10/10

You're insane XD. Check my newest preview btw, i would love your usual criticism.

Hellstick responds:

Yes I am, and I like it:P
Thanks for the review, I left one for your song as well:)


This is so epic I don't even think words can describe it.

Man, I haven't heard a song this creative in my entire life. ONE INSTRUMENT!!!
How long did it take you to record all of the different sounds?!?!?! and the then mix them alllllll together. simply amazing. This is like one of those stop motion beatboxing videos from youtube except better, since it has the tune also.

The mixing is incredible! Haha, this song is almost more well structured than most songs made with high quality sounds and drums.

The break-downs in the beat are all very unique and cool.

One question, how did you make the tune at 0:52? did you record all the diff. pitches or just record one and then change the pitch in the piano roll?

This so is pretty much perfect. Only thing that's lacking a bit is the kick, but it is pretty hard to make a Deep/powerful kick with just your voice.

Anyways, great job with this one man. The beat is impeccable. The tune/bass notes that you chose are pretty generic, but it doesn't really matter because this version is probably 60x better.

haha keep up the great work,
5/5, 9/10


Hellstick responds:

I used 1 sound for the melodies and changed the pitch on it in the program:P It generally sounds crappy if you try to say all the sounds yourself. However, i have used more then one layer of sounds for the bass and parts of the synth, but that's a minor detail, and not really related to your question:P

About the kick... Yeah... I know... I really wanted to make it better, but as you say that's really hard to do when to only instrument you have is your voice:P I concidered to make some sort of bass drum. You know, put in some bassish sound, to make the kick sound deeper. I skippet that though, but perhaps that was an stupid ideaXD

Thanks for the fantastic review:) If i ever make another "mouth experiment" I'll try to improve on the kick:)


That was fucking awesome. Mad Props, that was simply awesome on any level. For those bombing this submission, you guys have no idea how hard this actually in (tried it once upon a time and failed miserably). I applaud you. This should be deemed flawless.

High Five.

Hellstick responds:


Thanks alot for the nice words. I salute thee:P
... or something...


Not immediately my kind of my music, but I'll give you a 4 for pulling it off so damn good.

Hellstick responds:

Thank you sir:)


Holy shit! amazing! i love the transitions and breaks, very very very nice job, just wondering if you used a vocorder to get the synth effects. very nice.

Hellstick responds:

Thanks alot for the review!
I donøt know what it's called... I just used what ever tools garageband had to offerXD I played around with the synth untill I had the result you can hear in the song, so I guess you might as well call it an accident:P

Fuck that though, thanks again:)