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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"


dude i loved this it was fkin amazing i wish i could make sumthing as good as this.
i am an amazing beatboxer tho ;D

Hellstick responds:

There is really no way to find out if you are capable of it other then trying:P
Thanks for the review!:D


how creative? This is even more creative than those windows sounds songs you see in places on NG. GJ bro. This is definitely front pageworthy. even the synths too?

Hellstick responds:

It was on the top 30 once:P
Anyway, yeah, EVERYTHING was made with my mouth, then modified with various filters and effects:) Im currently working on the voiceexperiment 2 (although i dont know when i will finish this) and it's even LESS voice'y then this is:P
Thanks for the kind words!


This is unbelieveable man really caught my atttention!


Hellstick responds:

Thanks! Making something special was obviously my goal, so im glad i achieved it:)


haha :D
this is fun to listen to :D
nicely done ;)
you did a great job making this :D
i really love it from 52 seconds :D
so funny
5ed ;)

btw, mind checking out my latest song? vote/review maybe ^^

Hellstick responds:

Ofcause, I'll go check it out right ahead although I cant find any motivation to write a review this late at night (it's 1:30 am here).
Thanks alot for the nice review not to mention the score!

i dont think

you did the melody with your voice though...

Hellstick responds:

Well, you have the right to think so, although it IS in fact made with my voice. You'd be surprised how much you're able to tweak a sound if you want to:P
Now i dont work with fl studio, but i happen to know there is a tool called oscx or something, where you start out with this really dull and boring sound that you can practicly trun in to anything - a kick, a synth, a bass, ANYTHING:P
What i did was somewhat the same, except i used another program.
Thanks for the review though:)