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Reviews for "The Voice Experiment"


it sounds almost exactly like Lasse Gjertsens human beatbox thing (hyperactive)
was that an influence?

Hellstick responds:

Nope, this was entirely inspired by the talented danish dj, dj diskant:)
Thanks for the review and score:)


i like it! it might even make it to me ipod! :D

5/5 10/10 cuz using your Voice has the only instrument is made of epic win!

....now to beat box this in real life!

Hellstick responds:

That's going to be impossible because of all the stuff that's going onXD
I appriciate the thought and the review though! Thanks alot:)


Wow - i am speechless, this takes a lot of skills to put together, i have to say i am stunned!

this should be how you make all your music!!!!!

i love it so much!


Hellstick responds:

This is actually v.2 to be honest... Or rather... It's my second try:P I do have another file laying around which I made before i started on this and i guess I COULD try and finish it although it probably would be easier to make a whole new one...
Oh well, I'm glad you like the track:)


You succeeded at something I failed at. Good work!

Hellstick responds:

thanks man:)


Google beardyman monkey jazz, and watch the video. I am afraid to say he does it much better.

Hellstick responds:

You are right, he does:P
What impresses me the most though, is that he does it in one take! Thats truly impressive and i could never dream of doing anything like that... Expecially not with garageband:/