Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

Could be much better

I'm not worried much about the graphics as I am about the playability, so here's some gripes:

- No save feature.
- Robot is really slow moving. Get's annoying watching him perform the entire program at the pace he moves.
- Unable to move a command once it is placed. Would be much better if you didn't have to essentially rewrite the entire program if you screw one thing up.
- Help window should disappear if you re-click the "?"
- Get rid of the "X" I finished a program for lvl 5 then accidentally hit X instead of "RUN" Needless to say, I was pissed.

needs worked on

this is an ok game but ive seen one too many "programme the robot" games on this site & it gets to be a little cliched after a while.

This reminds me...

...of a game I used to have for playstation, I can't remember the name of it to save my life but it had the same basic principle, except it was 3d and the robots would shoot / duel. Not go around picking things up. Either way good job, could have been a lot better but it's not like you're getting paid for it lol.

its allright

the game graphics kinda sucked but it was pretty fun

Good idea

Nice attempt and a good idea but you could use to not completely wipe the program every time you make a mistake it got annoying after a while.

also kill the sound