Reviews for "Bill the Robot"


I liked how you can program the robot but it needs more stuff like faster and more programs/actions


I quite enjoyed this :D It was fun tapping into my nerdy side.
Really liked using the subroutes. That was something I'd never really done much of before. Sadly I was just getting good when the game ended (speaking of which, an actual ending message or animation would have been cool rather than the game restarting). I forgive you for the missing gridlines, as it wasn't too hard figuring out how far to move Bill.
Also, I wish there had been a mute button as his movement sounds started getting a little annoying and interrupting my music playlist, hehe. I didn't think he moved that slow, but maybe speeding him up a little would be a good idea for the ADD kids next time. I hope you do make a second game, as this one was too short for me :P
Triple thumbs up for the subroutes :)


gameplay is way to slow and its just boring

good but well

it was good and a siquel would be better with new fetchers but i got to lvl 5 and got to board to continue

Good Idea

This could be awesome. I'm guessing you've played Carnage Heart? You got the talent, it would be great if you could add more options like maybe shooting and radar...and alot more slots for chips!