Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

i love this kind of game, but..

i really do enjoy a programming puzzle game, but when i found i had messed up even one tile, i couldnt do anything but wait for him to finish. then i had to redo my whole plan. i basically agree with the guy below me.

Great game

Unique, and fun to play. I only found two problems.
1. When I fail, it removes all of my commands and makes me remake it completely, even if I only needed to change one tile to make the whole thing work perfectly. I can't stop it halfway through if I know I screwed up either. I just have to wait until the robot is done failing.

2. No level select or saved progress. If I have to stop and close the window for any reason, I have to play back through every level to get back to where I was.

That gets tedious.

its ok

its fun for a little while but as a basic game its ok


if you run into a wall but the the program says move, bill stops entirely

its ok...

its pretty good, well made, but gets kind of repetetive, no new backrounds or movments to unlock...