Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

how do u bea the lev :Use the subroutines

I used all hte sub routines and the grabs it doesent work.16 chips nad 28 spaces in all.forward + grab = 2. 8 chips in both rows.16 per row32 spaces needed+ the turning is 34. we only have 28 so how cna we finish that lev.

Antishow responds:

Maybe you're not using the subroutines properly?

Think about how you would do it if you had UNLIMITED space, then find patterns in that code. Can you fit that pattern into a subroutine?

liked it, reminded me when i used to goof with.

good game, I think it needed a 4-way control and then turn, also a hint mode might have been nice. Keep this in mind for pt. 2

Not bad, but could be great.

Lots of fun, needs a couple things that have been mentioned before that would make it a 9 or 10 easy.
*More Levels (It ended just when I was starting to get to a difficulty that was fun
*Needs a way to fast forward
*Highlighting where you are in the program would be useful
*Don't erase the program
*Clicking on a box and then getting a menu, or keyboard input would be much better

Good job

A pretty good puzzle game. I agree that the whole thing needs to move faster, and maybe not erase everything if the program fails. More levels would have been nice too. I am hoping to see a sequel.

Its an ok game

your not really doing much but it is sorta fun maybe you could add like a difficuly screen so it runs faster