Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

more boring than a piece of head cheese

its just a lame game. Better luck next time.

Good Game, but it could use improvement.

I would make a save option, increase the speed with which the commands are carried out, and allow the subroutines to call each other. Oh, and I wouldn't have the level restart if you get something wrong. Otherwise, It's great!


Good idea, but the robot is too slow and frankly, it's too easy, with some common sense you could go through the whole game... Sorry dude, not great....


hate it just so boring cos the robot goes so slow and if you get 1 thing wrong you have to start the level all over again and graphics arent great either

lov'n the robot programming games.

this ones good but it wasnt as visually pleasing as litebot. still enjoyed playing it though, as graphics arent everything. but what it lacks in graphics it should make up in more detailed gameplay. still giving the game a 9.