Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

too slow

It would be a great addiction game but the robot goes way to slow....so you just get bored with it because most gamers aren't that patient. but good puzzle

Only a few things

There are only a few things I'd do to make this better: make it faster, remove the drag/drop interface-click to add to line. To change between interfaces, click which interface you want to add to, then click command. Maybe make a cooler looking robot... but that's just aesthetics... :-D

good not great

makes you think but its slow a ffwd button is deffinently needed

got my brain ticking!

I was about to quit playing any more levels and review that i got bored becasue of how slow the bloody robot is, but then i relised i just done the last level!! Haha, anyway the robot could still be quicker... (maybe a FFWD button like what was on lemmings)

Robot Odyssey

This is going to seriously date me, but it brings back happy memories of Robot Odyssey. (Insert wistful sigh here). I want more levels! Also, a way to reset Bill when he's decided to go off into a corner and pout (aka, I done screwed up and don't want to wait for the whole run to finish). A zoom mode of some sort would be nice (not that watching Bill dawdle along isn't fun but... yeah).