Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

what a teacher!

what an awesome learning tool to show kids the basic principals of programing.

what grade level were you designing this game for? what did they think of it?

pretty simple for the likes of us, but maybe if you even got the chance you could create something more in depth for us at newgrounds? i know id like to see it.

thanks for sharing this though!


Antishow responds:

It was for grades 3-5. I had tried doing some LOGO with them, but they were having a hard time understanding the difference between moving right and turning right; and so Bill was born.

After playing the game for a few days, I supplied them with the editing "software" (just another Projector) so that they could build their own games.

As far as how they took it, I guess you could say it went pretty much like anything; some kids really enjoyed it, others weren't so excited. Telling them that they'd be putting their own game together got quite a reaction though.