Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

Too Slow

You should try and make the robot move a little faster. Its a great idea but I got bored easy because I had to wait so long for the robot to actually finish the course. Thats the only real problem I found with it.

I liked it

nice game =)
it was kinda hard... 2 bad I didn't had such a project when I was a kid =P


this submision reminds me of several things

- Functions in AS
- The boardgame Roborally (very very very addicting and amuzing)
- a small game i used to play simulair to this for educational reasons (dont ask me why :P)

very nice, although graphics could have been better still ill give you a 10 and all my 5 R belong to this


I had to use so much my brain!Good idea of a game!

Cool programming problems!

You can make this cooler by allowing subroutine to call sub 2, and also allow recursive subroutines(let them call themselves!)