Reviews for "Bill the Robot"


It's a good game, i remember playing this in first school with a real robot. I also agree that the robot could do with moving a lot faster.

Could be better

would be better if you had th option to remove just one comad instead of all, if there was some backround music, and if the chicken moved a tad faster

Antishow responds:

To remove a single command just drop a blank over the command you're trying to remove. Bill's "compiler" will skip right over it.

The original version of BtR had some (awful) Garageband music. After having to listen to it pour out of 30 different student workstations every single day for about two weeks I opted to cut it.

Plus I also can't stand it when web content plays music. It interferes with my iTunes!

Thanks for playing!


Bill moves a little slow and there aren't many levels, but this game is great!


Very funny game nd tricky!! Luv it!!


Very fun! I'll have to show that to some friends of mine...