Reviews for "Bill the Robot"


just alittle slow just make bill move faster and you have an amazing game

Not quite the way i pictured it

It could have been better, like speed, not have to start all the way over, etc..........

nice try but

thys game is compleatly aubritrary and pointless

I didn't care for it

There was no way to tell how many spaces he was going, so if the chips were far away I had to test it a few times. It got annoying. Also, I would have no clue how to play this game if I hadn't played the game LightBot previously. There's no way to save it, no music and I found it to be quite annoying. It's a great idea though. 5/10

Great potential, but,,,

It has a great deal of potential, but you should work on some better graphics and maybe a "3x speed" mode, so you don't have to wait for the little dude to finish the route.