Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"

Nice - work!

That was excellent- It's good to see number johnny five trying to kick some ass but having his head ripped off. Cool idea, great direction, interesting soundtrack. Overall;
Nice work!

LogFish responds:

Hehe thanks - well Johnny just looks like a little sissy doesn't he, and he was meant to be a military robot! He's like a stick! Deserves his head removed, as far as I'm concerned. heheh. Thanks for the review!

Whoa...that was the shit!!!

Excellent Job!! The music fit, the sound effects were tight, A little touch up on the artwork/graphics(which still looked great) and this would be a 10. I loved it. And it just so happens there is room on my Favorites List.....

LogFish responds:

Hey thanks man!


This owned! Make more! Such good graphics and good animations. This really owned. The chars were nice and the story was ok.. The battle scenes were really awesome amd the Robot's view was well-done. The tanks movement was really nicely done. I dont think that to make the robot talk was a so much good idea, but that owned anyway.

LogFish responds:

Thank you! I quite like the tank shot too.

Very nice

People who review and say you suck at drawing have no idea what they are talking about, or suck at animating. I though it was a great animation and would love to see more like it. It was funny at one point and awsome at another. Your drawing style is fine and animation is great!

LogFish responds:

Thank you :)

Nice work

I liked the animation, It seems your on your way to being really good at it, which is nice cause half the crap on New Grounds looks like a 3 year old did it. the whole Johnny 5 thing was unexpected but funny, and the fight sequence was really neat.