Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"

An exciting action flick

I came in here expecting the same humdrum crap that most of the action movies on Newgrounds are: full of long camera pans of "badass" characters, anime people fighting each other with magic swords and energy beams, or even the dreaded video game sprites. Or maybe it would be a pseudo-intellectual science fiction story filled with supposedly deep questions and even deeper answers. Instead, I was very pleasantly surprised with a well-constructed action flash that managed to be interesting without becoming boring. The music fit the scenes well mostly, some generic classical for the slow bits and some generic rock/techno for the action. The voice acting was a little quiet but it wasn't too much of a problem. This flash wasn't terribly original or groundbreaking, but it did very well what it was meant to do: be an engaging action movie.

LogFish responds:

Hey, thanks a lot man - that's EXACTLY what I was aiming for!


I thought some of the graphics needed some tweaking, and it looked like you only drew the forearm up to the elbow for the robots.

Other than that, this movie was Really cool!

LogFish responds:

Thanks - I did indeed just have a bar for an arm on the grey one, but it was like a hose - the other one, it's forearms transformed into weapons so it was only left with stumpy arms anyways ;)

Pretty good

I really liked it when he starts to use the lazer that was awesome. Keep it up.


It was pretty cool. Graphics could've been better but the directing was good enough to make up for it. Hope you make more.

Jumbled Plot Line

The plotline that you stated in your comments lasted only for the movie introduction. After the actual movie started, the plot line lost all revelance. Why is NOVA after the MERC? I suppose it was suppose to be a throw back to the movie, short-circuit. But it honestly doesn't fit into your description of the movie at all. The most confusing point in the plot is when NOVA decided to open fire on the MERC JUST because they didn't find Johnny-5 at the scene. The quote was something like "Thats not Johnny-5, kill him!"

The sound quality was less than great. You can definately tell the sound went through some major quality-lowering, which is typically fine for a Newgrounds entry, but very noticeable in this movie. The one sentence (word) lines the humans used seemed very corny.

Where the plotline falls apart, the graphics make up for it. Although the backgrounds were bland, the MERC was well animated in some scenes, specifically the action scenes. I especially enjoyed the "megaman 2" style of how he aquired a weapon. Analyzing it, then equipping it.

Decent job overall, but please keep the plotline flowing if your going to comment on it.

*Note: a score of 0 simply means it DOES NOT apply to the submission.

LogFish responds:

Thanks. I'm suprised anyone pays any attention to plot outlines, NG was screwing me around when I was trying to submit it, this was my third attempt and I just put any old sentence in there! This movie is mindless action, I wasn't shooting for plot development, robot asking why he can't cry etc. but thanks - I might possibly do something with a plot in the future. ;)