Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"


I know this is loosely based on a movie where the robot (Number 5) is not a military slave anymore and acts like a person. great animation though.

LogFish responds:

heh yea - Number 5 called himself Johnny 5, and had his head ripped off in this movie. Thanks about the animation!


A sturdy film with a lot of potential, however i don't think it was really fuffilled (forgive my spelling). The actual plot you came up with sounded great on the description but became a simple 'Something went wrong' blast em all big robots tanks fight, which is all very well but that's all the flash consisted of which was very dissapointing. Something more along the lines of i Robot would be better. Graphic wise it you put in quite a bit of effort and they did get better as the film went along, but your future movies would greatly benefit from more time spent on drawing and the plot. I am over all a little dissapointed as this is not your first flash and i don't you spent anywhere near as much time as you could of on this flash. Nevertheless,

Nice Job.

LogFish responds:

Thanks for the effort in this review. In answer, this movie was born by me just wanting to make some mindless action. On retrospect I could have fleshed the plot out a bit, but would it have appeased the NG audience? I doubt it. It's already been done by Short Circuit, Terminator, AI, I,Robot, etc. so it'd still be called unoriginal and poo. The movie was made as mindless action entertainment.

But harassing the time I spent making this? Why do that. I spent probably more than 24 hours making this thing, and you've just gutted it in 1 minute saying I did it half-assed. But you're right, I *could* have spent the rest of my life working on it.

not bad

that was a very decent movie, not grade A, but not blammable either, with a lil moer work that coulda been greatness, overall i was impressed with the feel off the movie, and that it had something of a plot. keep up the good work man.

LogFish responds:

Thanks - I was aiming for entertaining, without sacrificing weeks of my life to it. Which is just as well, because people would still be abusing the 'overdone' and flakey plot even if the graphics were A+! Thanks a lot, I might put more ass into graphics in my next project - but there's no way in hell I'm putting a plot to it! Tehe.

Kinda matching.

The whole show matched with the TERRIBLE graphics(And thus u got that 6 points:P)So it was pretty cool.Just that it was a bit hard to understand and also the speech wasn't very clear....I also suggest you add in some subtittles like the SC episodes.


Unlike most of the other films I have viewed by Logfish, I think this one was pretty bad. I.E. where did the other Robots in that van go after MERC left it?

LogFish responds:

They were off, they just sat around. It was two years ago I don't really remember heh.