Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"


W00t! I love the short circuit reference. This was very well done..keep it up..its people like you that make the portal oh so worth visiting...thanks!

LogFish responds:

Hey thanks a lot! Might have another one out in a month or so, who knows! Could quite possibly be quite a lot longer too, though ;) Thanks for the review, they're what makes Newgrounds worth submitting to!

Very intriguing

This movie had great graphics, great action, and i love thee storyline. You ideas are very unique! You have sum hollywood quality stuff going on here. PLease make another! O yeah and major get props for having Johnny 5 in ur movie! I totally forgot about that guy. Hahaha

LogFish responds:

Thanks :) Evidently not everyone agrees on the unique aspect, but can't win em all huh?

woah dude!!!

this is some good stuff,i don't really care what other people say,you got real talent,your animation is superb,sound is good,and the effects are amazing.keep it up!

LogFish responds:

Thanks a lot!

okay heres the explanation,

the reason that they did'nt use the other ones is because either they knew that it had a virus capability, they were in a hurry, or just preferred to use the more advanced model.

great flash, btw, animation was good, even if it was older. i still likeed it.


Must. Have. Music. When the MERC-540 was first activated.

I loved the bit when he was sweeping the laser across. Just epic :D