Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"

Nice - work!

That was excellent- It's good to see number johnny five trying to kick some ass but having his head ripped off. Cool idea, great direction, interesting soundtrack. Overall;
Nice work!

LogFish responds:

Hehe thanks - well Johnny just looks like a little sissy doesn't he, and he was meant to be a military robot! He's like a stick! Deserves his head removed, as far as I'm concerned. heheh. Thanks for the review!

Very nice

People who review and say you suck at drawing have no idea what they are talking about, or suck at animating. I though it was a great animation and would love to see more like it. It was funny at one point and awsome at another. Your drawing style is fine and animation is great!

LogFish responds:

Thank you :)

Nice work

I liked the animation, It seems your on your way to being really good at it, which is nice cause half the crap on New Grounds looks like a 3 year old did it. the whole Johnny 5 thing was unexpected but funny, and the fight sequence was really neat.


great stuff, a tad close to 'I-Robot' in my opinion. Other than that it was amazing

An exciting action flick

I came in here expecting the same humdrum crap that most of the action movies on Newgrounds are: full of long camera pans of "badass" characters, anime people fighting each other with magic swords and energy beams, or even the dreaded video game sprites. Or maybe it would be a pseudo-intellectual science fiction story filled with supposedly deep questions and even deeper answers. Instead, I was very pleasantly surprised with a well-constructed action flash that managed to be interesting without becoming boring. The music fit the scenes well mostly, some generic classical for the slow bits and some generic rock/techno for the action. The voice acting was a little quiet but it wasn't too much of a problem. This flash wasn't terribly original or groundbreaking, but it did very well what it was meant to do: be an engaging action movie.

LogFish responds:

Hey, thanks a lot man - that's EXACTLY what I was aiming for!