Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"


amzing simply amazing one problem was i went to give u a five and was in a hurry an accidently gave u a 0 FUCK

LogFish responds:

Criminal! lol, well glad you liked it (unless you're just pulling my chain), hopefully everyone else will too, and click on the right votey thing! :)

Very intriguing

This movie had great graphics, great action, and i love thee storyline. You ideas are very unique! You have sum hollywood quality stuff going on here. PLease make another! O yeah and major get props for having Johnny 5 in ur movie! I totally forgot about that guy. Hahaha

LogFish responds:

Thanks :) Evidently not everyone agrees on the unique aspect, but can't win em all huh?


this movie had me hooked on it after a while. it was the shizznit


that was like the terminator... some good shit right there... keep it up! you should make a second one, with the infected robot gone on the fritz... that'll be svelte...

a pretty good movie

it was well made. I liked the Johnny robot thing because I saw that movie.