Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"

"Stupid 80's piece of crap!"

Very cool! The sound quality was excellent, the animation goes really well with the plot, and the part when Merc-540 destroys Johnny 5, that was brilliant. Keep up the good work!

LogFish responds:

Thank you so much :) If I make a sequel I'm gonna have him run into the terminator or possibly sonny from I,robot, and rip them to peices too. It's like a desecration, destroying these much-loved robots, haha. maybe that little kid out of 'AI' too - infact he should just bump into every character with Ai ever made. Thanks again!


this movie had me hooked on it after a while. it was the shizznit


that was like the terminator... some good shit right there... keep it up! you should make a second one, with the infected robot gone on the fritz... that'll be svelte...

a pretty good movie

it was well made. I liked the Johnny robot thing because I saw that movie.


Must. Have. Music. When the MERC-540 was first activated.

I loved the bit when he was sweeping the laser across. Just epic :D