Reviews for "(Older) Merc-540"

What happened?

Dude! I just finished watching the starcraft series you made, which are awesome, and now you make THIS no good piece of junk? THe only good part was with Johney 5. Short Circuit is one of my favorite movies.

LogFish responds:

I'm glad you like the SC series, but this was made three(?) years before that, and I make no apologies for how shit it is. Next time if you think someone's 'let you down' - look at the date of submissions.

short circut?

The short circuit movie scenario. Just more violent and very badly concieved.
Ill just get straight to the point.
your drawing style was crap,
your story line had no real point.
and you suck as an animator.

LogFish responds:

How on earth did you make that Short Circuit connection? I tried to hide it so very much! You're going to get a smack botty if you keep posting reviews as useless, abusive and flat-dumb as this one.