Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Saw that before .

For your information . Gohan beat Cell already ! That one you made one was old one.

This rules!

Way too sweat! I really like the still picture style man! its cool...


Well let me tell you something Sum Dum Guy, shows how mutch you know about DBZ, it WAS around alot MORE than 2 years ago, so dont act all cool like your the big Anime buff ok? Anyways back to the reveiw, it was very original, I love the way you used the old manga style stills, and the theme song just went along with it perfectly, very very nice! I'm not the biggest DBZ fan, I've kinda outgrown that, but anime is anime, and besides, I love the work you put into this. Keep it up!

Sum Dum Guy

It looks to me like you copied the pics, and also, isint that cell in it? I dont think cell was around 2 years ago. To me it just looks like another one of those peices that the so called "artist" did little work, then tried covering it up and says "I didnt copy it" BLA BLA BLA. But whatever, Kudos to you if Im wrong.

Anime. If you don't know what it is. Watch DbZ.

I like the way you arranged the Flash. It looks good and all. But... It looks exactly like the Manga. You sure you didn't scan it in? One or two might have been yours but most of them were definately from the manga. I would've given you more on the originality, but it was taken from the manga. Don't lie! I have proof. Well, an okay overall effort. Oh and by the way, good on you for leaving the Jap text. Keeps the originality. =) And ignore the insults from the bakas. It isn't worth it.