Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

boring and long

Basically a slide show. I don't think I would've liked it even if I didn't own the comic. And the dialogue is in chinese but the sound effects are in japanese what's with that.


this movie sucked, i watched the whole thing just because DBZ is the best show ever but u made me hate assholes like u who ruin something great by puting up a shitty videos about it, sure the art was cool and original but it was soo boring, you now what you just ruined my day u BASTARD

You know what you're doing

This is a fantastic work of Dragonball Z art. I would have given you less credit if all you did was scan those pictures form the manga, but you spiffed them up mighty nice and I really like it. So far, i've seen many showcases of Spirit vs Spirit (the song in this for those unkowing of DBZ) but this has to be the best i've ever seen. I must admit, though, it was all pictures. And you cut off fight right when it was getting to the good part... but you gotta do what you gotta do. I think you'll get a kick out of my next movie, and for whatever movie you do next I hope to see 100% original drawings, instead of spiffed up (VERY nicely spiffed up) drawings. You da man.

It wuz kewl

I dont watch dragonball z (its not my fault cuz i dont have a tv but ne way) but this shit was hella good bro you should come out with one with english n 1 with jap or wut eva u used hella good n fuck the lil queefs who say u didnt do i belive ya, I like the trivia too it sux having to wait there wit nuttin to do while it loading and u spelled goku wrong

Very cool!

Ah, one of my favorite sagas in the Dragon Ball series. It wasan't the most exciting movie I've ever seen, but I still liked it.