Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


How can you be such a desiple to a cartoon to want to scan, trace bitmap, then color most of the images?! You didn't even draw them! jesus... if DBZ dissapeared, you'd kill yourself. Well, i gave you a high score for the increadable amount of work you did. It really was good!

I love it!!!!!!!!!

even though u just copied the manga picture by picture but still that's kinda hard. some pictures looked alittle weird but who cares? great job!! i'll look foward for more


Good stuff there Nedrick keep it up
Im a Die hard fan of Anmie

Cool Dude....

I don't read Japanese but I know exactly what was going on cause that's one of my favorite episodes: Where Gohan goes Level 2 on Cell's ass, takes out the children of Cell then rescues his friends and father. Nice job Nedrick! Don't give this movie a bad score people just cause you don't understand any of it. You have to be a die-hard fan to understand what's go'n on.

fucking awesome

this was an awesome movie, being a huge dbz fan.. i can understant this movie, all u other ppl who give this thing lower than a 5 are queer homos that rape little children.