Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

I liked the artwork

but the gay japanese music gives you minus major points. ( and you didnt even show Cells death. )Next time try using something with out lyrics or just straight up (quality) jungle beats. I only liked the gay ass japanese music in Ghost in the Shell... and thats because there is less singing in it. Oh well, I'm not japanese, maybe your just keeping it real for them, but Im not down with their music or silly game shows. Just video games, and I heard they didnt even like Metroid, spoiled assholes.

Listen up...

Now im a big time fan of DB, DBZ, and DBGT, but this wasnt all that great. I dont speak japonese so i have no idea what they are saying. All it was was a bunch of pictures rendered by some program.

GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is simply the best DBZ tribute i have ever seen on NG
keep up the good work

You know how to use flash

If somthing can knock xaio-xaio 3 off, this is it. Can't wait until you make the Gundam Wing movie

Absolutely spectactular.

A flash movie that easily rivals anything on Newgrounds. The sound matches perfectly with the scenes, and while the movie looks like a slide show, given the fact you colored all the pictures and the sound, it's the best damn slide show I ever saw. ^_^ Probably the ONLY way you could have improved it is if you translated all the words, but that's just a personal opinion. Love the music too *repeats the movie for the 46th time as he reviews it*, awesome job, great work, even those who hate DBZ has to enjoy the work you did.