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Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Missed the mark...

Sweet movie, this coming from a non-DBZ fan. You had a great idea, and this kinda thing can really be cool if you do it right. Music is good, many pictures were good as well, but I can't read the Japanese(or chinese, whatever) text. Music and the images need to fit together better, when the music gets dramatic, go to the scene where Trunks is standing in awe. Look at 'All Your Base Are Belong to Us', they did a nice job with that. Last, but not least, Newgrounds rates according to Humor and violence, little of which you have. DBZ has plenty of fight scenes, and a lot of humorous scenes. Give those a shot! I look forward to a revision!

i like dragon ballz but u made some mistakes

i can look past the fact that u got most of the answers to the qeustins wrong but come one that music was lame the pictures(graphix)was amizing but your choice of music ruined it mostly and i want to make u aware of 1 thing before i finish i love dragon ballz i really really love dragonballz i even have got the same haircut as trunks (when he turns super sayjin for the first time we see him ) but all i'm gunna say is don't go off saying the only reason i gev u a bad reveiw is cos i don't like dragonballz cos i love it more than my dog's and friends (maybey a little more than my girlfriends but thats cos were angry at each other at the moment) but good exept for the music


You must understand; I loathe Dragon Ball Z. The drawing style is intolerably basic, the Super Saiya-Jin idea gets old right after EVERY SAIYA-JIN in the world achieves it, there is no storyline (unless you consider: Fight, find new opponent, train, fight, find new opponent, train, etc an acceptable storyline), all the characters are WAY too muscly for the average hetrosexual to stand, etc, etc. But, swallowing my pride and pushing this aside, it was well done. You got all your facts right, I'm pretty sure all the Japanese writing was correct, and it was very manga-ish, which I liked. It's a good job of drawing considering it's in flash, even if it is the most basic anime style possible. In fact, I'm pretty sure Toryama himself either used one of those, "How to draw manga!" books, or made his own way. If you look carefully enough, you can see that Bejita and Buruma both have the exact same face, with different hair, and the same goes for Gokou and Chi Chi. Once again, brushing ALL this aside, it was a great effort. Oh, one more rambling: DBZ also lacks the psychological insanities (See: Evangelion for a perfect example) that I feel all anime needs; It really didn't have the kind of philosophy that anime tends to have. It's fighting style was good, but I also think it was over the top, and has been done before, only better (See: 'X' and 'X Squared' for perfect examples of DBZ style fighting mixed with the psychology of regular anime). Overall, DBZ is just tired, Westernized, overused and unoriginal anime. But, just to re-state, your style is great; DBZ is definately unworthy of your attentions. Try something like X or maybe even Astroboy next, and I think you'll eliminate most of your critique.

Note: Want evidence? Watch the movie! Excluding Pikoro (Piccolo for all you dub-fans), every single person was in their Super Saiya-jin forms! EVERY ONE!

Update! Yes, I created this new account, JUST FOR THIS. Okay, to all those who complained about Japanese? You're all idiots. ORIGNAL CONTEXT! ALTERING ART = BAD.

To all you who said it was in Chinese, (ESPECIALLY the one guy who claims to know Japanese), you're even BIGGER idiots. The text is Japanese/Chinese Kanji; It's a language that the Japanese basically stole from the Chinese, so, despite originally being Chinese, it is now shared. Anyone who knows Japanese would know this you bullshit artist.

To all those who hated the music: ORIGINALITY! AGAIN! The music was the best part (I gave sound a 6 cus it wasn't that well recorded). I'd probably watch it again just for that. And don't say it's Japanese shit, because imagine how hard the Japanese are laughing at your shitty rap. (Note: I know lots of Japanese people, and yes, they think rap is fucking hilarious)

If you're going to criticise a movie, critisize it for the right reasons you dumbasses.

Oh yeah, one more thing: To the few idiots who claimed the names were spelt wrong? That's the original, correct, NON CRAPPILY DUBBED versions. Goku = Gokou, Piccolo = Pikoro, Vegita = Bejita, etc. Anyone who spells them as such, I respect a lot more than regular DBZ viewers; it's one of the main reasons I gave this movie a chance rather than just blamming it.

Final note: Yeah. He's better than you. So what if he got the pics from the manga? It's still better rendered than you could all do, so anyone in the above categories, can go suck a big, fat, Namekian cock.


ok should have used some american pictures

great aarrrttttttttttttt

awsome,cool,wow,gee wizzz,ratso,shucks,phew,uh huh, oooooooooooooo..................kkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkk.so one question.I DONT NO CHINESE/JAPANESE? TRANSLATE NEXT Time.great art by the way.