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Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"


I liked this because I like DragonballZ, plus putting it in Japanese added the effect of an anime, but the expression on their faces told me what they were saying. The quiz was good, could've actually spelt Goku, Vegeta and Dr Gero and others right but it was overally good. Your good at this stuff and maybe you should stick to this 'cause I like it. Everyone here who doesn't like anime or Japanese shouldn't have seen it in the first place so they can all suck it!

ho hum

ahhh! why did u have to leave it in chinese. u could have at least done it in japanese so i could understand what they were saying. now ill have to download the episode so i can watch it again. the best part about this vid was the song everything else was..ok... i guess

oh man that was a waste of time

yep, a real waste of time. Anime rocks, this does not. With this style, you could take any gem and turn it into crap. Boring, slow, still pix, wrong language, painful music, no interactivity to speak of (although I liked the trivia while it loaded), just plain bad.

it was cool

it was cool


I agree with the last guy, its in Japanese so it's hard to follow, even though I know what happened in that episode....other than that little flaw, its fine.