Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

A great tribute to DBZ

Hey, Nedrick, your tribute to Dragon Ball Z rocks! I recognize these manga shots from the Cell Saga, and they look great! My only complaint is that it they weren't translated into English, but what the hell, this is the bomb! Hey, could you tell me what the name of this song is, who performs it, and where I can download it from? This is some of the best J-Pop music I've ever heard!

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kewl , but........

i guess it would have been better if i could read japanese and hear w/e it is the song is saying, but if its a tribute, then i guess its good.

Android 16 rocks.

Nice flash and keep up the work. I love Dragon ball Z and i'm a girl.

Pretty tight.

I loved how it was. Great artwork. Luckily I watched that episode of DBZ to really understand what was going on since of the Jap. fonts. other than that it's pretty tight. Better than the ones I've been seeing lately. Anywayz, can't wait for the other. Keep up the good work.

it was'nt bad for a movie.

It was a great effort and a nice tribute to the creator and the whole Dragonball Z project, I think it is a great show and people dont really realize how much asian culture influences us and the amazing things and stuff we can enjoy and learn from them.