Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Missed the mark...

Sweet movie, this coming from a non-DBZ fan. You had a great idea, and this kinda thing can really be cool if you do it right. Music is good, many pictures were good as well, but I can't read the Japanese(or chinese, whatever) text. Music and the images need to fit together better, when the music gets dramatic, go to the scene where Trunks is standing in awe. Look at 'All Your Base Are Belong to Us', they did a nice job with that. Last, but not least, Newgrounds rates according to Humor and violence, little of which you have. DBZ has plenty of fight scenes, and a lot of humorous scenes. Give those a shot! I look forward to a revision!


Alright, i have no clue what i just watched. Then again, i've never seen Dragonball before, so that might explain it. It was a slideshow, which was kinda new, but not my kind of thing. And the music was, uh, interesting. I don't read japanese either.


I thought it was really nice, good work, and i love Dragonballz also, so...yeah... Some of the shots looked funny, and it was more of a slide show but i liked it. too bad i can't read japanese either..

Not bad but not original.....

I gave Style and Graphics 10's becuae well its all Akira Toriyama's work, its the manga pictures. I do like the way you put the color in with all the gradients.
The sound got a ten because you used "Blue Wind of Hope" from the Gohan SSJ2 scene(nice touch).

Nice Drawings

it would be alot better with animations but otherwise The Drawings looked really good, keep up the good art, and maybe learn to animate