Reviews for "Tribute-To-Dragonballz-"

Awsome shit!!!!

I'm not a big DBZ fan but I love anime, so this was fan-fuckin-tastic.
Every picture looked beautiful, you've must of put a lot of effort into it.
The only problem is if you haven't seen DBZ, any other viewer would be confused.


Excellent tribute, Nedrick! You done fucking supreme work on the DBZ manga right down to the colors itself! The Cell Chapter is just like the same thing when it became anime! When I get my Flash films going, I'll hope to be #1 myself! You're #1 with me!

Please Respond

1. Ok, Did You Draw These DBZ Pictures Or
Are They Straight From The Manga?

2. If They Are Yours Will You Please Make More
Movies, With More Action And Plot. Because The
Animation Is Quite Amazing If It Is Infact

3. Thanks For Your Time, Im Giving This A 5.


To bad you didnt make that, Ive seen it before on other sites. However I did give it a good rating for being good but dont steal next time

Neochilds responds:

One thing you must know this was done by me for Anime on the fly which is a sit owned by me so if you believe this is stolen then check out those sites again and look at the credits

I loved it!!!

DBZ RULES!!! Those drawings were amazing.
This tribute was cool